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Csűrös Gabriella

Gazdaságpolitikai együttműködés az Európai Unióban – Új utakon?Economic Policy Cooperation in the European Union – Which Way to Go?

During the realization of your dream obstacles may arise and they differentiates your choice – “which way to go?” There is an ongoing debate which way the EU should go. The EU has already reacted to the crisis – are these measures satisfactory? Which way the EU seems to choose? To be able to answer some of these questions preliminary studies are necessary. In order to identify the European Union you must define the aim, the instruments of the aim, the characteristics, the defects and the changes of these instruments. As a matter of fact nowadays the most vital topic is the stabilisation role of the EU. In view of governmental methods, coordinative and regulative governmental methods usually have more stabilisation effects in the EU than financial governmental method. Owing to the crisis, the coordinative and regulative governmental methods have undergone changes. The steps that were made by the EU in the field of economic policy coordination are considerable – though further actions should be taken. The financial method with stabilisation function is insufficient. The EU budget cannot play stabilisation function because of limitation of EU revenues. If the EU holds on to the dream of economic and monetary union, the EU should strengthen the tools of economic governance to be able to reduce the shortcomings of one-armed economic governance not only at EU but also at Member State governmental level. Measures taken up until now show other way: they create the vision of a more multi-speed and “multi-way” process…

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