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Luxembourg kontra Strasbourg – jogi akadályok az emberi jogok európai egyezményéhez való uniós csatlakozás útjában

Kulcsszavak: Emberi Jogok Európai Egyezménye, uniós csatlakozás, 2/13. sz. EUB vélemény, alapvető jogok, egységes ítélkezési gyakorlat, hatásköri kérdések

The accession of the european union (eu) to the european Convention on Human rights (eCHr) has been on the agenda of the eu for long. Although the Lisbon treaty settles this question in theory by obliging the eu to accede, the european Court of justice (eCj) resorted to its rights laid down in the treaties and published its opinion 2/13 on the matter by the full Court. this opinion scrutinizes the draft document concerning accession. According to the opinion the eu cannot accede to the eCHr in the present form because the draft document is not in compliance with the special characteristics and features of eu law, therefore it would require the amendment or re-organisation of the whole eu legal system. By this judgement the eCj outlines the legal impediments in the way of the accession. the main objective of our article – after summarizing the brief history and legal framework of the accession – is to present and evaluate the critical elements of accession determined by the eCj and predict the decision’s possible consequences.

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