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Gajduschek György
Fekete Balázs

A magyar lakosság jogismerete az elmúlt fél évszázadban és ma – összehasonlító elemzés kulcsár kálmán 1965-ös empirikus kutatása alapján

Kulcsszavak: jogszociológia, jogismeret, jogtudat, empirikus kutatás, összehasonlító elemzés

Knowledge of law is certainly one component of legal culture. due to the support of the Hungarian research Funds (otkA) the authors of this paper carried out a comprehensive empirical analysis of this issue in Hungary. In doing so they strongly relied on kálmán kulcsár’s indings and insights stemming from his pathbreaking studies half a century ago. the empirical study was carried out by the Szonda Ipsos market and opinion research Institute in the framework of an omnibus questionnaire survey with a random sample of 1000 people in 2013. thirteen questions essentially similar to certain questions used by kulcsár in 1965 (for instance: Have you ever read a bill or an act? Have you ever participated in a judicial process? Who or which body enacts a bill in Hungary?) were posed in order to provide a possibility for the comparison of the actual results and those of kulcsár. We found that the general level of knowledge of law had increased substantially in the past decades. knowledge related to constitutional law is the prominent example of this growth and it can deinitely be coupled with the functioning of the democratic political system in the last 25 years. However, except from constitutional law, the growth of legal knowledge is due almost solely to the increased level of education and not a generally improved legal consciousness of the society.

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