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Szabó Zsuzsanna

Többpólusú alapjogvédelmi rendszer a gyakorlatban – a kormánytisztviselők indokolás nélküli felmentésének tükrében

Kulcsszavak: többszintű alkotmányosság, hatékony jogorvoslathoz való jog, alapjogi bíráskodás, alapjogvédelem

Today, in the European multi-level and cooperative constitutional area the European Convention on Human Rights, the constitutional value provisions of the EU Treaties together with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU , as well as the constitutions of the member states of the EU function as parallel constitutions. The legal remedies offered by international forums by nature are subsidiary, because it is desirable that legal issues of human rights be solved by the states at national level. The obligation of the exhaustion of domestic legal remedies as a procedural precondition is needed in order that the national level should have the chance to remedy the violation of human rights within its own legal system. The present paper focuses on Art. 8 para. (1) of Act LVIII of 2010 on the legal status of government officials, which states that the employer has the right to terminate the contract of goverment officials by two months’ notice period without any justification. The research is of considerable interest because the dismissed officials – who, in my opinion, de facto suffered injury by violation of human rights – were forced to turn to international forums because of the fact that the Hungarian legal system was not able to grant them adequate reparation. Therefore, the examination also evaluates the current level of fundamental rights arbitration and the jurisdiction using fundamental principles in Hungary.

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