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Láncos Petra Lea

A magzatok és embriók kereskedelmi és ipari célú felhasználásának morális és jogi kérdéseiEthical and legal issues of the commercial and industrial use of foetuses and human embryosEthische und juristische Fragen der kommerziellen und industriellen Verwertung von menschlichen Feten und Embryonen

Kulcsszavak: embrió – magzat – szabadalom – abortusz – oviedói egyezmény

In 1986 the Council of Europe adopted a recommendation on the use of human embryos and foetuses for diagnostic, therapeutic, scientific, industrial and commercial purposes [Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1046 (1986)]. At the time, biotechnology was less advanced than today, however, its main challenges were already apparent. In its Recommendation, the Council of europe called upon the Member States to restrict the industrial use of human embryos to therapeutic purposes benefiting the health of the respective embryos, while the tissues of dead foetuses may only be used for strictly medical, scientific purposes. The commercial, profit-oriented use of embryos or fetal tissue is prohibited, with special regard to human dignity. Today, we are faced with the growing risk of encountering products manufactured on the basis of experiments conducted with, or base material including human embryonic cell lines. Such commercial and industrial uses of human embryos and foetuses give rise to concerns related to the religious freedom and the freedom of conscience, fundamental rights protected by both national constitutions and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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