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Bognár Alexandra
Domokos Andrea

Régi-új kihívások: szegénység, migráció, bűnözésOld and new challenges: poverty, migration, criminalityAlte und neue Herausforderungen: Armut, Migration, Kriminalität

Kulcsszavak: migráció – menekültpolitika – büntetőjog – konfliktus – kriminalitás

Intensive economic, social and political changes cause local and global effects, which means that both universal (including the UN, European Union and other IGO’s) and national responses are necessary and shall be harmonized. Individual responses, without taking into consideration the other universal and national actor’s steps can cause more problems than they solve. According to the official UN statistics, people who are forced to leave their country of origin, flow mostly from the region of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to the EU Member States. This means that their legal, cultural and religious background are different from the EUstandards, which can be considered as sources of additional social (and sometimes criminal) problems. It is clear that all the states have right to take legal steps against crimes committed by these people (independently from the question whether their presence in the territory of the country is lawful or not), enforcing all the international and national standards of fair trials and humanity during the procedures started against them. The topic is extremely hot nowadays in Hungary and in the European Union.

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