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Slomanson William R.

A Krím félsziget jogi helyzete a nemzetközi jog szemszögébőlCrimean secession in international lawVölkerrechtlicher Status der Keimhalbinsel

Kulcsszavak: ukrán válság – önrendelkezési jog – Krím félsziget – az elszakadás joga

This article provides detailed insights into the validity of remedial secession, the two major judicial opinions that have addressed it (Kosovo advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice, and the Quebec Secession Reference case decided by the Supreme Court of Canada), and the steep, but evolving, path to legitimacy it may now be travelling. this article does so within the context of Crimea’s secession referendum, declaration of independence, and de facto statehood, and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It covers the international community’s reaction to these events – and the disparity among academic reactions to the vitality of remedial secession. It traces the UN General Assembly’s 2014 Crimean debate – concluding that it is the most authoritative referee for judging russia’s claim to the validity of the Crimean secession.

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