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Hamza Gábor

Jogtörténeti áttekintés a muszlimok magyarországi helyzetérőlReflections from the Viewpoint of Legal History on the Muslims in HungaryRechtshistorischer Überblick über die Muslime in Ungarn

Kulcsszavak: izmaeliták – ius patrium – kádi – muszlimok – sari’a – Tripartitum

The Islamic religion, on the basis of Act No. XVII promulgated in 1916 in the Kingdom of Hungary, was given the status of a „recognized” religion i.e. religious community (in Hungarian: „elismert felekezet”, in Latin „licita religio”). By virtue of this act the Islamic religion received the same legal status as the Baptist church in 1905. It has to be pointed out that according to the census taken in 1910 in the Kingdom of Hungary, including Croatia-Slovenia which enjoyed a large degree of autonomy, there were only as many as 757 citizens belonging to the Islamic religious community. In this study we examine the legal status of the Muslim Community in Hungary until the end of World War I. As a main conclusion it can be stated that the law of Muslims (ius personarum) had never became a part of the legal system of Hungary, and that Islamic law never confronted the ius patrium.

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