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Hermann Veronika

Az egészséges környezethez való jog elméleti megközelítésbenRight to a Healthy Environment in the TheoryDas Recht auf eine gesunde Umwelt in der Theorie

Kulcsszavak: egészséges környezethez való jog – környezetvédelem – emberi jogok védelme – motivációelmélet

To protect the environment with the help of human rights is one possible way among others to fight against environmental degradation. Yet, does this idea fit into the system of human rights, taking into consideration the fact that the upmost goal of human rights is the protection of human dignity? Is the connection between the environment and the human dignity strong enough to protect the environment by human rights? The following conceptual paper searches for reasonable answers to these questions by analyzing the so-called right to a healthy environment. By doing so the links between human and environmental rights and the specialties of human rights will be examined in order to show why the right to a healthy environment could in theory fit into the system of human rights protection.

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