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Az uniós jog nemzeti büntetőjogra gyakorolt hatásaiImpact of EU Law on National Criminal LawEinwirkungen des EU-Rechts auf das nationale Strafrecht

Kulcsszavak: európai büntetőjog – asszimilációs elv – büntetőjogi jogharmonizáció – EUMSZ. 83. cikk – EUMSZ. 325. cikk

This paper aims to analyse the main linking points between EU law and national criminal law. For a long time, the criminal laws of the Member States have been heavily affected by EU law. This influence can be either negative or positive. The most lenient form of the positive effect is the assimilation principle, which does not seek to incorporate EU norms into national criminal law, only attempts to extend the latter’s applicability to the protection of the interests of the european union. In the case of legal harmonization the Member States are required to adopt common criminal norms which aim to reduce the differences of the national criminal law systems. The most serious impact on national penal law is the supranational criminal legislation, which results not only in the approximation but the unification of the criminal laws of the Member States.

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