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A szuverén alapok jogi háttere és nemzetgazdasági szerepvállalásaThe Legal Background of Sovereign Funds and Their Role in National EconomiesRechtlicher Hintergrund der souveränen Fonds und seiner Rolle in der Nationalökonomie

Kulcsszavak: szuverén alap – pénzpiac – nemzeti vagyon – Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Sovereign funds are funds created and operated by the state. They came into the limelight after the financial crisis of 2007–08, when they saved the most emblematic listed companies in the US and Europe. The aim of the article is to explore some key issues related to sovereign funds. The paper discusses the origins of the term and some related economic concepts, including factors which resulted in the creation of sovereign funds. The legal background is also elaborated on both international and national levels, giving an insight into the regulatory framework. The article closes with propounding a sovereign fund in Hungary. This section gives an overview of state property management and its legal background.

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