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Rónay Zoltán

Az autonómia újraértelmezése vagy eltörlése, avagy tendenciák és javaslatok a felsőoktatás rendszerszintű válságának idejénReconstruction or Abolition of University Autonomy: Tendencies and Proposals During the System-Level Crisis of Higher EducationNeuinterpretation oder Abschaffung der Autonomie der Universitäten. Die Tendenzen und Vorschläge während der systematischen Krise des Hochschulwesens

Kulcsszavak: oktatás és kutatás szabadsága – autonómia – felsőoktatás – kancellár – konzisztórium

The Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary, together with the subsequent passing of, and the successive amendments made to, the National Higher Education Act have not only restructured the management of higher edu- cation institutions but have also introduced legal institutions (Chancellor, Consistorium), which intervene both directly, in terms of fiscal policy, and indirectly, in terms of educational and research policies, in their overall operation and – as these are essentially government appointed persons/bodies, the institutions themselves being left out of the process – their autonomy as well. While this radical reorganization is not without precedent, the possible reasons behind its implementation have not yet been revealed. This study aims to understand these reasons by analyzing and dis- puting the one and only monograph addressing the question published before these changes had taken place, and attempts to discuss its predictions from the present viewpoint.

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