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Tóth Gábor Attila

Szólásszabadság és befogadó társadalom

Hate speech is an essential problem of the freedom of speech. Its expansion might contribute to the end of democracy. The restrictions on free speech are subject to constant debates, especially as regards the scope of the protected people and its grounds and degree. On the basis of comparative and historical examples, the present study offers new perspectives on the dilemma of the ban of hate speech. It attempts to determine the conceptual and historical models and the theoretical framework of the regulation of hate speech. It presents the different perceptions of human dignity as backgrounds for different regulations. Based on the assessment of the empirical research, the study argues that the protection of individual rights and democracy demands more and not less free speech. Its most important conclusion is that in case the restrictions on free speech protect members of the majority instead of members of vulnerable social groups, the restrictions are part of antidemocratic tendencies.

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