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Marinkás György

Az Ember és Népek Jogainak Afrikai Bizottsága őslakos népekkel kapcsolatos joggyakorlata, különös tekintettel az Ogoni-ügyre

The aim of the current article is to analyse the protection of indigenous peoples’ rights offered by the African human rights mechanism by introducing its institutional framework and jurisprudence. The author has the opinion that the African mechanism has followed in the footsteps of the Inter-American system and has interpreted the already existing substantial norms in an evolutive manner; thus achieving tremendous results in the acknowledgement and protection of indigenous rights. They did so with such success that now the “master” – namely the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – is quoting the student. It follows from the above-mentioned lines that – according to the firm opinion of the author – the African mechanism worth the attention both present time, both in the future, due to the simple fact that new trends regarding indigenous rights may arise from the practice of the African Commission.

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