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Szilágyi János Ede

A magyar víziközmű-szolgáltatók integrációja jogi nézőpontból

The present article focuses on the integration of water utility supplier operated public water utility supplies in Hungary. According to the new Hungarian law (namely Act CCIX of 2011 on water utility supplies), the integration is merely one element of the instruments of the decision-makers to achieve their goals. According to the preamble of the act, the goals are the followings: to establish the basic rights and obligations of water utility supply, to protect national water utility property, to provide sustainable development in water utility sectors, to fulfil the objectives of the protection of drinking water resources and to ensure the conditions of water utility supply serving the extensive promotion of consumer protection, furthermore to ensure the implementation of these objectives by detached and transparent regulations. Expectedly, the procedure will be finished only by 2016, however, the number of water utility suppliers having existed before the adoption of the new law (i. e. circa 400 suppliers) has been reduced to approximately one-tenth by begin of 2014.

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