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Fónai Mihály

A joghallgatók rekrutációja és professzió-képének néhány eleme

In our treatise we have undertaken to characterize the speciality of strain of law students and some elements of their image of profession. The legalists traditionally occupy a middle-class position in the modern societies. Their high state and prestige succeed also profession-order characters that frequently go hand in hand with “natality order” procurer prestige. From the possible components of the image of profession we examined three main topics. Firstly the motives of profession-selection, secondly the patterns of inding a job, and thirdly the main expectations on legal teaching. Generally, law students and graduates also have a strong linkage to this profession. This points to the fact that, not only the diploma, but the profession itself has a powerful charm. The patterns of inding a job show that graduates frequently occupy lower positions, than they expected.

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