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Sipos László

Megjegyzések a büntethető gyermekkorúak kapcsán (A Pro Futuro 2014/1. számához)

In the most recent issue of journal Pro Futuro a work was released about the criminal liability of minors, written by Anikó Pallagi. Several references are made by the author to my study, written about juvenile delinquency in Hungary eight yearsago and published in the Journal of Prosecutors (in Hungarian: Ügyészek Lapja). Unfortunately, she did it inaccurately as my statements and conclusions were misunderstood by her. The quoted statements are from the chapter, dealingwith the problems of juvenile delinquency investigations and as a consequence theycan be evaluated explicitly in the sphere of complex problems ofinvestigations. The penalisation- depenalisation processes – beside thesigniicant demographic changes – should not be disregarded when determining possible tendencies. I do emphasise that the change in the threshold values is just one of the possible means of penalisation. The statistical data series are to be analysed critically, the phenomenon of latency has to be considered as well.

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